Calendar and Timetable

This page displays today's timetable if trains are operating. Scroll down to view other days in the month or further on in the year. Our main timetable is also displayed.

Our normal ticketing arrangements including Day Rovers, singles and starting at Duffield have returned in line with the lifting of Government regulations. We are not able to reserve seating in advance, except for parties of more than 10 passengers, dining and certain special events. You may wish to use a face covering on board the train if you are sitting close to persons you don't know.

Today’s Trains

Tue 21 September 2021

  • Purple Timetable

  12Blue Timetable
Blue Timetable
3Steam in the ValleySteam in the Valley 4Steam in the ValleySteam in the Valley 5Steam in the ValleySteam in the Valley
67Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
89Blue Timetable
Blue Timetable
10Yellow Timetable
Yellow Timetable
11Yellow Timetable
Yellow Timetable
12Yellow Timetable
Yellow Timetable
1314Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
1516Blue Timetable
Blue Timetable
17Yellow Timetable
Yellow Timetable
18Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
19Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
2021Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
2223Blue Timetable
Blue Timetable
24Yellow Timetable
Yellow Timetable
25Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
26Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
2728Purple Timetable
Purple Timetable
2930Blue Timetable
Blue Timetable
 Blue Timetable
 Yellow Timetable
 Green Timetable
 Brown Timetable
 Purple Timetable
 Special Event Timetable
 Event-Specific Timetable

Normal Timetable

The colours across the top of the timetable correspond to the colours on the calendar to indicate the type of train in operation on that particular day.

* There is no service on days coloured white on the interactive calendar.

EVR Leaflet 2020

Why not download our Timetable and Guide 2020?

Station Cafe

Set in a converted railway carriage, our Station Café at Wirksworth is open every operating day serving freshly made sandwiches, hot snacks, savouries, confectionary and drinks.

Derbyshire Countryman Dining

Check out our range of Derbyshire Countryman dining experiences on board the train, including Luxury Afternoon Tea, Ploughman's Lunch and our Savoury Sharer!

Find out more

Countryman Experiences must be booked in advance.

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