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We strive hard to provide access for people of all ages who have a variety of mobility or other special needs. Please take a little time to review the advice given below.

Our carriages are all heritage and date from the oldest one built in 1910 to the 1960s. These coaches were not originally built with accessibility in mind, however where practical we have taken steps to make them available for all to enjoy.

One of our locomotive-hauled carriages (those than run behind a steam engine or diesel engine) has a large specially-converted wheelchair accessible space and accompanied seating where passengers can enjoy the views of the valley from their wheelchair and sit with their family and friends too.

On dates where other trains are running or when the service is operated by a heritage diesel railcar, the wheelchair accommodation may be in the Guard's compartment. However, there are still windows to get a good view of the valley. This area may be used for storage of a wheelchair if an individual is able to walk a short distance once on board to the seats.

In both cases our stations have ramps to aid access to the trains and our friendly crew will help you. Should you require further information please do not hesitate to call us on 01629 823076.

Wirksworth Station

Wirksworth Station has a large flat car park with a hard standing surface. A small number of spaces are close to the Booking Office.

Access to the Booking Office is by a permanent ramp surfaced with 'tarmac'. There is step free entrance to the museum. A fully accessibile toilet is available (opening 2020) with baby change too.

The Station Café is inside a railway carriage and has ramped access for standard sized wheelchairs however this may not be suitable for some larger or modern wheelchairs.

Duffield Station

The station has a fully accessible Booking Office and also toilet facility with baby change.

The platform has step free access from the Chapel Street car park and the main line station car park.

The main line station (operated by East Midlands Railway) features a footbridge between the platform and ourselves. Passengers who are not able to use the footbridge, please contact East Midlands Railway as they will arrange for a taxi from Derby for you.

Idridgehay, Shottle and Ravenstor

These stations are not recommended for those in wheelchairs or the infirm. Idridgehay Station's platform is the original height from the 1800s and therefore has a larger than normal drop from the train and a shingle surface. Access to Shottle Station from the road is via a staircase. The path leading out of Ravenstor Station is a dirt path and is very steep.

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