British Railways Standard Brake Van B955104

B955104 BR Standard 20 ton Brake van (Currently Bauxite Brown). Owned by Mr M Bromley. Built at BR Ashford workshops in 1962, lot no 3394. Originally diagram 1/507, later diagram CA006C under TOPS. It was converted to air piped at Doncaster in January 1985 and will have been repainted into the same red and grey livery as B954861 at the same time. The resulting change made the wagon to diagram CA006D, type CAR. In 1989 it was recorded as allocated to the metals sub-sector of the Railfreight sector of British Rail. By 1992 it was converted to design code RA001B, type RAQ. It was repainted at the same time into the light grey livery with petroleum sub-sector decals. It was allocated at that time to Hereford Goods Yard, for propelling movements into the oil terminal.

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