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Man Rider

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This Man Rider arrived at the EVR in December 2008. It is used to transport passengers on the narrow gauge railway in Wirksworth Yard. It has an air braking system that allows the train to have a continuous brake. This system is quite unusual as the compressor for the braking system remains on the side of the track. The man rider’s tanks are recharged from the compressor at the beginning of the day so that the brakes can be applied or released.

The Man Rider was modified by Alan Keef Ltd for use on repairs to the Woodhead Tunnel in the Peak District and then returned to their works at The Lea, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire, before EVRA bought it. Alan Keef Ltd fitted brakes to meet HMRI requirements. Since arriving at Wirksworth, further modifications have been made to make it more comfortable for passengers.

Number of seats: 8
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