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British Railways DB986179

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There are four of these wagons on the EVR. The first is DB984302, built in 1957 by the Butterley Company, of lot 3048, diagram 1/572. The second is DB 988418 built in 1959 at Ashford, of lot 3245, same diagram, where it was the last of its kind. The other two are DB991364 and DB986179. DB991364 and DB986129 have been fitted with replacement floors made from second hand floor joists which have so far proved satisfactory. Grampus Wagons have low sides and were mainly used on permanent way work for the removal of spoil and rubble from the track.
Builder: British Railways Built: Circa 1950
Class or Type: Grampus Works No:
Weight: 20 T Running No: DB986179
Brake Type: Vacuum Operational Status: Operational
Owner: Tim Oaks Arrived: --/09/10
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