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Derbyshire C&W ADB904639

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BR 25.5 ton Lowmac ADB 904639. Built by Derbyshire Carriage and Wagon Company in 1954. The wagon has a vacuum brake but has through air pipes only. Initially it had a light repair, but after a few years it was clear that the deck timbers were thoroughly rotten and so all the timbers were removed and replaced. The new deck is made of poplar, a semi hard wood, and the timber came from Victoria Sawmills of Darley Dale, who have always been very helpful, and who said, “That’s what we always used to supply to Derby Works in the old days”.
Builder: Derbyshire Carriage and Wagon Built: 1954
Class or Type: Lowmac Works No:
Weight: 25 T Running No: ADB 904639
Brake Type: Unfitted/Through-Piped Vacuum Operational Status: Operational
Owner: Tim Oaks Arrived: --/09/10
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