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Derby Lightweight (early) M79612

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Class DL Diesel Railcar Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory 79612

Derby Lightweight M79612 is a Driving Trailer Composite Lavatory of aluminium construction. Built in the early 1950s, the vehicle featured 53 third class seats (now second) and 9 first class seats. Having operated services in the West Cumbernauld area until the late 1960s, the vehicle was taken into Departmental service as the Ultrasonic Test Train, paired with 79018, which has allowed it to survive into the preservation era.

Withdrawn in the 1990s wearing Departmental livery and in a heavily modified state, the set was taken to Doncaster Works for extensive asbestos removal. This process left both vehicles as an empty shell. The vehicle was taken with completely restored partner 79018 to the Railcar50 event at the Severn Valley Railway in 2004 when it featured as an example of an unrestored vehicle, showing visitors the start point of a project. Work began on the restoration in the late 2000s, with a complete rewiring, bogey overhauls and the fabrication of internal bulkhead partitions. Having moved to the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, the restoration will continue to allow all three remaining Derby Lightweights operate together.
Builder: Derby Works Built: 1954
Class or Type: DL Works No: 30124
Weight: 21T Running No: 79612
Brake Type: Vacuum Operational Status: Not Operational
Owner: DLPG Arrived: 24/11/14
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