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British Railways Mk1 BSK 34625

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This vehicle was built as a mark 1 carriage for the Southern Region of British Railways in 1955. The mark 1 carriages were a standard design intended for general use throughout the national network and having the
best features of carriages built before them. The design was used from 1951 to 1963 and many hundreds were built in a range of different configurations, of which the most common were the corridor second class carriages, of which this is a variant.

The BSK vehicles had four passenger compartments, in the Southern and Western Regions these would seat 8 passengers, in the Midland and Eastern Regions, which had less intensive commuter traffic, they seated six passengers. The other half of BSK vehicles were given over to a guard’s compartment and a large parcels compartment, the “cage”. In those days, parcels, Post Office mail and small item traffic was a major part of what the railway carried and so this large area was needed for it. We have converted this into an area for bicycles and an area for a trolley service or disabled use.

This BSK was built at Gloucester for use on the Southern Region of BR as (S) 34625 and was originally in crimson and cream livery but was repainted in due course into SR green. During its working life it was shedded at Selhurst, New Cross Gate, Ramsgate and finally Clapham Yard. Its initial sphere of use had been the Kent Coast services in a three carriage set with CK 15580 and fellow BSK 34626. As locomotive hauled Kent Coast services were reduced, it had been transferred from the South Eastern division of SR by 1967 to the South Western division, where it was used on summer cross-country services, for example from Poole to
Newcastle. It was sold by Network South East in 1990, for use as a support coach for preserved BR steam locomotive Stanier Class 5 44932. It only undertook one mainline duty in this guise before being stored at
the Midland Railway Centre, Butterley, where it remained virtually unused before being purchased privately in 2010. It was then moved to our railway, where it has been restored.

Number of Seats: 32
Builder: Gloucester Carriage and Wagon Built: 1955
Class or Type: BSK (Brake Second Corridor) Works No:
Weight: 37 T Running No: 34625
Brake Type: Vacuum Operational Status: Operational
Owner: Derek Mason Arrived: --/04/10
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