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British Rail Class 31: 31601: Devon Diesel Society

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Built by Brush Traction at Loughborough in April 1960, this English Electric-engined locomotive has been in main line service until relatively recently. The locomotive is unusual in that it is allocated to the Class 31/6 subcategory meaning that it is through wired for Electric Train Supply although cannot actually provide it. Originally it was a Class 31/1 locomotive, numbered 31186, but gained it's current number of 31601 when it received the wiring modifications by Fragonset Railways. Only a very small number of the class received this modification.

The locomotive has carried many names over the years including Bletchley Park Station X, The Mayor of Casterbridge and Gauge O Guild but now carries Devon Diesel Society. It was named after the group who repainted it most recently. It survived in active main line service until late 2017 with DCRail and still carries their corporate livery at the time of writing. The locomotive still has wiring for modern safety equipment including TPWS, OTMR and GSMR.

The locomotive was stored out of service at Washwood Heath before being moved with some classmates to the Weardale Railway. Having sat inactive, it was purchased by the Northamptonshire Class 31 Group and moved to Wirksworth for work to return it to service. Once operational once again, the locomotive will operate some passenger trains on the EVR before moving on.
Builder: Brush, Loughborough Built: 1960
Class or Type: 31 Works No: 209
Weight: 107t Running No: 31601
Brake Type: Vacuum and Air Operational Status: Under Repair
Owner: Northamptonshire Class 31 Group Arrived: April 2018
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