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British Railways Class 31: 31206

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Outshopped in July 1960 as D5630 from Brush Traction, the locomotive originally featured a Mirlees diesel engine. However, British Railways soon realised that this type of engine was not proving reliable and re-engined the whole class with an English Electric 12 cylinder diesel engine, capable of delivering 1350hp. With the locomotive now weighing in at 107t, the new engine made the power to weight ratio poor and the class became known for poor acceleration. However, despite this, they remain a popular class with many examples surviving in main line service until 2017.

Renumbered as 31206 upon the introduction of the TOPS system in 1973, the locomotive continued in main line service until 2006 when it was withdrawn. It currently carries the engineers 'Dutch' livery and is owned by the Northamptonshire Class 31 Group, based at the Rushden, Higham and Wellingborough Railway. It is on a medium-term hire to the EVR for operating passenger trains and driver experiences.
Builder: Brush, Loughborough Built: 1960
Class or Type: 31 Works No:
Weight: 107t Running No: 32106
Brake Type: Vacuum and Air Operational Status: Operational
Owner: Northamptonshire Class 31 Group Arrived: February 2017
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