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London Midland & Scottish Railway BTK 27001

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LMS Brake Third Corridor 27001

Built by British Railways after nationalisation to a modified 1930s Stanier design. The only obvious external difference is the adoption of a porthole; shape for toilet and vestibule windows. The design was a precursor to the standard BR Mark 1, steel sections being employed for the corner framework and cant rails instead of the
traditional wood, end panelling is aluminium not steel. The other main difference is the elimination of the wooden bottom rail and its replacement by metal sockets welded onto the sole bar and locating the vertical wooden frame members. The use of small sliding vents was introduced during the war by the LMS, BR perpetuated this design until the end of the Mark 1 period in 1962. Internally half the length was a guards brake compartment utilising the two double sets of external doors, the remainder consisted four passenger and one toilet compartment, all finished to LMS design.

One of 559 LMS designed BTKs built by BR for front line services after the war, originally painted in crimson and cream then maroon livery. In its final BR years fitted with electric train heating and painted in BR blue/grey corporate livery. A photograph of 27001 can be found in Essery and Jenkinson “LMS Coaches” book (1969 & 1977 editions) in service on the WCML. Sold out of BR service first to the Manchester Ship Canal Company who stripped most of the interior for use as a mobile office/pay unit, 27001 had all windows fitted with external bars and named Rover. Sold on to the 71000 Trust for use as a support coach and fitted with kitchen units in the toilet and 1960s Pullman car seats in the open saloon area. 27001 was then mothballed when wooden framed stock was banned from the main line. Sold on to the Great Central Railway where no further work was undertaken, it was re-sold to private owners who undertook the external restoration at Darley Dale. Recently sold on again to the LMS Carriage Association and moved to Wirksworth. Restoration is complete externally,
the interior has yet to be re-instated.
Builder: British Railways, Wolverton Built: 1950
Class or Type: BTK Works No:
Weight: 30 T Running No: 27001
Brake Type: Vacuum Operational Status: Under Restoration
Owner: LMSCA Arrived: --/03/10
Remarks: Copy for this item was kindly provided by Derek Mason of the LMSCA
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