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British Railways Class 33: 33103: Swordfish (on hire)
British Railways Class 31: 31206 (on hire)
British Railways Class 31: 31601: Devon Diesel Society (on hire)
British Railways Class 73: 73210: Selhurst

British Railways Class 08: 08704 (on hire)
British Railways Class 08: 08605
Thomas Hill Class 188c: Tom
Thomas Hill Class 188c: Megan
Ruston and Hornsby Class 165DE: 402803: Faraday
Ruston and Hornsby Class 165DS: 319284
Rolls-Royce Class Steelman: 10275: LJ Breeze


Hudswell-Clarke 0-6-0T: 102: Cathryn
Andrew Barclay 0-4-0: No3: Brian Harrison
Andrew Barclay 0-4-0: 2217: Henry Ellison
W Bagnall 0-6-0T: 68012: The Duke

Diesel Multiple Units (Railcars)

Derby Lightweight (early) Single Car DMBS M79900: Iris
Derby Lightweight (early) DMBT M79018
Derby Lightweight (early) DTCL M79612
Metropolitan-Cammell Class 101 DMCL: E51505
Metropolitan-Cammell Class 101 DMBS: M51188 (on loan to the North Norfolk Railway)
Metropolitan-Cammell Class 101 DMBS: E50253
Metropolitan-Cammell Class 101 DMCL: E50170
Metropolitan-Cammell Class 101 TSL: E59303
Derby Works Class 108 DMBS: E53599
Derby Works Class 108 DMCL M51567
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Class 119 DMBC: W51073
Pressed Steel Class 121 DMBS: DB977975
Pressed Steel Class 121 DMBS: DB977976
Gloucester Railway Carriage and Wagon Class 122 DMBS: W55006

Coaching Stock

British Railways Mk2 TSO 5175
British Railways Mk2f TSO 72617
British Railways Mk2f FO 72501
LMS BTK 27001
LMS TO 27162
British Railways Saloon: 999504 Royal Saloon
British Railways Mk1 BSK 34625
British Railways Mk1 BSK 35006
British Railways Mk1 SK 26157
British Railways Mk1 SK 24918
British Railways Mk1 SO 3727
British Railways Mk1 CK 15849
British Railways Mk1 RBK 1779
British Railways Mk1 TSO 4682
British Railways Mk1 TSO 4440
British Railways Class 489 GLV 9101 Museum Coach
British Railways Class 489 GLV 9107 Pullman Buffet

Support Vehicles

British Railways Mk1 Departmental Tool Van ADB977383
British Railways Mk1 Newspaper Van NNX180214
British Railways Mk1 TSO 3825

Engineering Wagons

Brake Vans

British Railways Standard Brake Van B955209
British Railways Standard Brake Van B955104
LMS Standard Brake Van B950173
LMS Standard Brake Van B950003

Box Vans

Box Van 4031
Box Van 4039
Box Van B771392: Fanny
Box Van B7784652: Johnny


Butterley Company 984302
British Railways 988418
British Railways DB991364
British Railways DB986179


Metropolitan-Cammell 989256


Chas Roberts 993192
Chas Roberts 992732
Metropolitan-Cammell 992904


British Railways 985561

Tube Wagon

British Railways 730579


British Railways 900022


Head Wrightson 994206

Tank Wagon

P&W McLellen 6090
Crewe Works 749670


P&W McLellen 904508
Derbyshire C&W ADB904639

Plate Wagon

LMS 20 Ton Plate Wagon: 498325

Pallet Van

British Railways Pallet Van

Display Wagons

LNWR Water Tender
Mineral Wagon
Tipper Wagons

Narrow Gauge Vehicles

RA Lister Locomotive 26288
Man Rider
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