Ecclesbourne Valley Railway, A great way to spend a day...
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Duffield Duffield before the transformation

The WyvernRail share issue, launched in 2002 has been a huge success, attracting over 1,200 supporters to share in the objective of reopening the Ecclesbourne Valley Railway. Now, ShareSave allows supporters to become shareholders for just £10 a month.

ShareSave is a simple savings scheme to allow you to spread your investment into a series of modest monthly payments which will be converted into shares every few months.

How It Works

First of all, download our share prospectus and the ShareSave application form (links at the bottom of this page). If you wish to go ahead, fill-in the three parts of the application:

  • Make sure we know who you are and who's name you would like the shares to be in
  • Decide how much you would like to save each month (in multiples of £10 please)
  • Give us your bank details so that we can set up a standing order
  • Fill in the shares application form which forms part of the ShareSave application (not the one on the prospectus)
Down the line Down the line: volunteers transforming the railway

Send the completed forms to:

  • ShareSave
  • WyvernRail PLC
  • Wirksworth Station
  • Coldwell Street
  • Wirksworth
  • DE4 4FB
What happens next?

Once we receive your form, we shall set up the standing order and write back to you to confirm that it is in place.

When you have saved £100, we shall convert your saving into shares and this will continue, sending you a new share certificate every time your balance reaches £100.

What if I need to withdraw?

You can withdraw at any time. If you haven’t reached your first £100, we shall refund your money in full, once you have passed the first £100, we shall convert your balance in multiples of £25 into shares and refund you any remaining balance.

We reserve the right to withhold a modest amount for administration purposes.

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