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Bubble 977975 Class 121 DB977975
Sponsored so far:
  • 2x Freehweel Assemblies
  • 2x Driver's Seats
  • Throttle and Gear Controllers
  • Cab Window Glazing
  • 2x High Intensity Headlights
  • 4x Warning Horns
  • 1x Leyland 680 engine
  • Road Transportation
  • 1x Right-Angle Fan Drive Assembly
  • 2x Throttle Motors (1x In memory of Roy and Ian McFadden)
  • Painting
  • 2x Set of Vee Belts
  • 2x Vacuum Exhausters
  • 2x Alternators
  • 2x Right Angle Fan Drives
  • Pipework and Hoses
  • 2x Self Changing Gears R14 Gearboxes
  • Battery Cells
  • 2x Radiators
  • Lifting Work
  • 2x Vacuum Cylinders
  • Vacuum and Air Hoses
About this Vehicle

In the summer of 2014, WyvernRail PLC used money raised from shareholders to purchase ex-Network Rail Class 121 single car DMU 977975. Affectionately known as a 'Bubble Car', the vehicle spent many years operating passenger services for British Railways before being converted into a special rescue train for Network Rail. The vehicle was heavily stripped of all of the major components upon withdrawal which leaves us with a task...

For a potted history of this vehicle, see our online Stock List.

For the Permanent Way Team

The heavily modified features of this vehicle make it a perfect all round vehicle for the Permanent Way department. This department look after our nine-mile railway on a day to day basis and they required an economical form of traction that can do line speed without issue. For years the team have struggled with the cold winter conditions and the vehicle will provide warm shelter at lunch time. The inside will enable tools for the job to be loaded on for each job through the large hatch in the side and there will be an area for the staff to ride to site in. We hope to resinstall a generator so that power tools can be operated at remote locations and the interior bay for this remains in situ from the former life.

Engine An example of a Leyland 680 diesel engine required for the vehicle
What we need to do

A large majority of components have been stripped from this vehicle which means the task to return the vehicle to a condition where it can operate for the Permanent Way department is quite large. We feel that we are able to obtain a vast majority of the items reasonably readily and we already have a great in-house knowledge in the form our DMU Group who have first-hand experience of large projects. There is no time scale for the project, but raising money to buy the components will significantly speed up the process. Most of the items are mechanical or electrical components, however we also need to raise some money for periphery items such as the cost of transporting the vehicle (the vehicle has already moved, we just have the bill!) and building a pad to perform a lift to enable a bogie swap. The bogie swap is necessary as the vehicle has damaged final drive units and the lift alone, is the single biggest issue with the project.

The Appeal

This appeal allows anybody to make a contribution to the vehicle in the form of sponsoring a component. Clicking on the button below will show you a list of items that we need to further the project and the cost of that item. Once you have chosen an item to be sponsored, we will convert your payment into shares in WyvernRail PLC to the value of the item (£1 = 1 share) and the money will go towards the puchase of the item for the vehicle. We will then be able to install the item on the vehicle as and when it is required in the project.

To view the company share prospectus, click here.

Why take part?

Anybody who sponsors a component will receive:

  • A certificate confirming what they sponsored.
  • Shares in WyvernRail PLC and an official share certicate (at a later date as they are processed). If you are already a shareholder, the number of shares will be added to your current portfolio else, if you are a new shareholder, we'll set you up from scratch.
  • All shareholder benefits, including a free travel pass for use on the railway.

As an additional inscentive, anybody who sponsors two or more items in one transaction will receive:

  • The opportunity to drive the vehicle on a specially arranged driver experience day once the vehicle has been completed and is ready for service. Drive the vehicle on a full line return between Wirksworth and Duffield (approx. 18 miles/1 hour) with full tuition should you require it. The date for this will be set closer to the completion date of the project and you will be contacted.
Points to Note
  • The value of sponsoring a component is a guide based on values in 2014 and are rounded to whole shares.
  • Your sponsorship will result in shares in WyvernRail PLC and does not provide you with any direct ownership entitlement to the vehicle or component(s) thereof.
  • Items are manually removed from the online shop as and when they are purchased and this may take several days. In the event of that particular item having already been purchased and it not being removed from the online shop, WyvernRail PLC reserve the right to use your sponsorship for another necessary item off the list to the value of your sponsorship. Your sponsorship money will still be put towards the project.
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