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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Exhaust An Exhausting Weekend

Progress reported on 23/03/09.

Excuse the pun. Much work has been done underneath on one of the engines (actually Engine No.2) with a real thrust on reconnecting all of the components that will be needed to start this engine. The team really believe that this engine is close to being started for the first time (it will also be the first time an engine has ran on the unit since it was withdrawn in 1993). This is pretty good seeing as though the unit didn't even have engines when it was rescued for preservation.

Work began on searching out the different parts for the exhausts of both engines. To everybody's surprise, each part was found. All they needed were splitting from any unwanted parts, wire brushing down and then painting up.

After painting up each individual component of the exhaust (including the manifold attached to the engines), an effort was made to loosely connect the different parts together so that they were roughly in position. A more permanent fixture would be put in place later with the correct bolts, exhaust rings and bracket fittings.

In the photograph, you can see the exhaust system for Engine No.1 going together.
Fitting the exhaust

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