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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

We Did It!

Progress reported on 25/08/13.

So there we go, five years have gone! It is now a couple of weeks since the event and having had time to rest and reflect, yes it was a great weekend! The weekend featured Driver Experiences on the Friday (9th), where ironically, the vehicle clocked up 119 miles! Then the main event came on Saturday. There was a short ceremony at 12:10 on the platform at Wirksworth Station and the ribbon across the single passenger door was cut to allow the first passengers to board. Then, at 12:20, to the sound of two buzzes, 51073 rasped its way out of Wirksworth to become the first 119 to run in preservation.

On Saturday evening, the vehicle led a 9-car special train into Duffield making it the longest train ever to run on the railway.

Some 300 miles of revenue-earning running have now been clocked up and all is well. Look out online for details of when you can catch a ride!

Left: Cutting the ribbon

Above: Leading 9 cars
The Hannages
Above: At The Hannages

The end. The story will not be continued shortly.

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