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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

John Stokes scraping off paint To The Pit We Go and Ceiling Panels Will Grow

Progress reported on 14/03/09.

Some major progression on the project over the last few weeks. First of all, the weather has 'warmed up' sufficiently enough for the unit to be moved over the maintenance pit at weekends. This will allow work to progress on the mechanics of the unit and a start can be made on returning the unit back to mechanically operational condition. Secondly, the First Class Smoking compartment has progressed sufficiently enough to enable the ceiling panels to be installed in this area, making the unit turn slowly from a metal tube into something that is beginning to resemble a railway carriage.

In the photograph, team member John Stokes sits through the task of scraping old paint and rust from the pipe that links the cab emergency valves to the braking system. As in true British Rail tradition, one side of the pole is painted and the other is not as the pole would have been painted in position and the back of it couldn't be reached with a paint brush.

Next, the Fuel Filler assemblies were cleaned of rust and old paint ready for reinstallation. It was found that these had several layers of paint on them as well as some rusty areas. As you can see from the photograph, after a little light treatment from the team, the assembly on the right looks much better than the assembly on the left. There are four of these to be fitted to the unit.
Fuel Filler caps
Anybody can erect one of those! A workmate 

A little light humour here. The team were told that literally anybody could put up a flat-packed work bench and so, safe in this knowledge, they set about erecting it. Seen in the candid photograph on the left, three of the team members are spotted struggling to even get a leg of the bench to go into place properly. Two hours later, the bench sits proud (right). The instructions for the bench suggest that putting it up would take around ten minutes! I bet nobody thought to look at the example that had already been built previously - no excuse, especially as it sits behind them. The benches will be used to put the ceiling panels on so that they can be jig sawed to size.

The fillers all painted up
And the finished products, all standing proud waiting to be fitted. A protective and shiny black paint was applied to the Fuel Filler piped and the finished result is rather pleasing. It's interesting to see, when they are all shown together, the differences in shape of the individual pipes. These differences are deliberate as each one has its own specific position on the under frame and are shaped accordingly to fit around other objects.

The caps look like they have been spray painted, but in fact, they have just been wire brushed.

A similar treatment was applied to the emergency valves that sit on the end of the communication chord in the cab. These have been painted in a beautiful bright red colour and really stand out nicely. The photograph doesn't really do them justice. These can now be fitted along with the pipes that they connect to.

Nice to see somebody was thirsty, leaving their can lying around on the floor!
Emergency valvess
The pipes fitted
And there we have one of the four filler pipes fitted to the tanks. One or two minor adjustments to be made but overall, not bad.

Meanwhile, up top...
Ceiling 1 Ceiling 2

...the team have fitted the ceiling panels in the First Class Smoking compartment. Once the finger prints have been cleaned off and some cream gloss paint has been added they will look excellent. Wooden trim will be added to the joins to make these appear seamless. Everybody feels that this is a major milestone in the project.

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