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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Ravenstor height=
Preparing to Bow Out

Progress reported on 15/07/13.

Quite a nostalgic weekend as it was the final weekend that was available to work on the vehicle prior to the 27th July deadline. On Saturday, the skirting was fitted in the guards van having been prepared and stained previously. Other small tasks were undertaken, such as the fitting of a window frame that still hadn't been done and also the completion of a horrible task of cleaning the guards checkerplates in the floor. It was a nasty day, with temperatures reaching 34 degrees in Wirksworth it began to prove just too much!

Sunday wasn't a great deal cooler but remaining tasks included fitting the rubber to the guards doors, touching up some paintwork, returning missing trim to one or two spots and also putting up one last grab rail externally. The whole vehicle was cleaned out of any remaining tools and unwanted materials then an initial clean was made.

There are one or two final adjustments to be made and also some cleaning, but the vehicle is basically complete. To celebrate, the vehicle was hooked up to nominated partner E51505 and given a little run up the 1 in 27 incline to Ravenstor.

Left: Pictured at the top of the 1 in 27 incline!

Above: Guards Van October 2012 (left) / Guards Van July 2013 (right)

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