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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Buzzer box
Buzz Buzz

Progress reported on 12/07/13.

A slightly erratic work pattern took place in the last week or so due to the very busy Classic Bus Rally on the railway. Nevertheless, progress must continue and this week work has centred on smaller jobs in the guards van. The skirting board has been shaped, stained and varnish ready for fitting.

The most exciting of the jobs was the final fitment of the buzzer boxes. Why is this exciting? Well, the for the entire length of the restoration project, these have been irritatingly in the way forcing people to duck and dive under them to get past! They have been refurbished with new switches and spray painted before being fitted for the guard to use.

Externally, the below solebar areas and bogeys have received lots of black paint!

Left: Refurbished buzzer boxes

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