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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Guards van
The End is in Sight

Progress reported on 01/07/13.

There was no report last week as the team took a well earned weekend away at the Llangollen Railcar Gala.

But it was back with force this week to push towards completion and our own event. During the week, externally the buffer beam was painted, new step boards added and the exhausts returned to the back after the repaint. Underneath, a final examination for traffic was undertaken and all deemed satisfactory.

In the guards van, the cupboard which has been stained and varnished was returned to the rightful position and a whole day was spent on fitting the guards vacuum gauge. This required a new pipe to be specially bent as the original was long gone. After this was done attention was turned to the small window at the back which had to have a frame made up from components in storage - of course, these components then needed the usual sand, stain and varnish treatment before fitting could take place.

The big push of the weekend was to trim the strip between the top of the wall panels and the bottom of the ceiling panels along the cant rail. This is an important stretch of trim as it holds everything in place. On Saturday they were cut to length and then had the edges rounded slightly allowing fitment Sunday. This went well allowing priming and glossing as well. The result is quite pleasing and it is one of the last major tasks on the list. It allows the guards buzzer controls to finally be fitted about the guards doors!

Left: General view of the guards van, note the cupboard, vacuum gauge and cant rail trim.

Buffer beam
Above: Buffer beam
Window frame
Above: Rear window frame

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