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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Above: The repaint completed
Passenger Luggage Stowage Area
Parcels and Paint

Progress reported on 18/06/13.

This week's big news is that the repaint of the vehicle is completed. The above photograph was taken on Friday after the decals have been applied. The team are especially pleased with the "Passenger Luggage Stowage Area" decal for the guards van. This was originally sign written but it has now been splendidly reproduced in vinyl.

Saturday came and the black on the cage was finished. This was an outstanding job from way back when it was snowing. The main thrust on Saturday though was to reconstruct the parcels shelf. This had gradually been refurbished over the last few months and was placed in to store awaiting the completion of the wall panels. Other smaller items were painted, including the lighting control and food warmer.

On Sunday a major tidy and clean was undertaken to allow the floor to be painted in the afternoon. A special floor paint was used.

Left: "Passenger Luggage Stowage Area"

Parcels Shelf
Above:The Parcels Shelf
General view
Above: General view of the van with painted floor, walls and ceiling

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