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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Bank Holiday Bonanza

Progress reported on 27/05/13.

One good thing about May is that there are two Bank Holiday weekends. This one was spent in the guards van. On Saturday, the remaining supply of ceiling panels were installed and the remainder of the ceiling insulated. Some more panels are on order. This was not an easy task as the rear ones had to be shaped to the curvature of the rear on the vehicle. Progress was also made on renewing the rubber seals around the guards doors as they act as a rain and draft excluder. After this was completed, the wall panels were trimmed.

The trimming continued into Sunday and all the panels including the trim were primed in the morning. A quick-drying primer was used to save time and it allowed the a first gloss coat of Honeysuckle to be applied in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, a new floor hatch was manufactured as the old one was completely rotten.

Monday saw more progress with a really good tidy up of everything that had accumilated in the van. With it being such a large space there was a great temptation to use it for storage. After the tidy up was completed, a delivery of vinyls allowed the 'FIRST' stickers and 'NO SMOKING' stickers to be applied.

Left: An example of the new trim being applied to cover joins in the panels. There is a shelf in the back of the vehicle.

Glossed panels
Above: The same area in gloss.
Above: A progress photograph of the repaint. The side is in first gloss and so is the front. The roof is completely repainted.

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