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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Door pillar
Striding Forward

Progress reported on 20/05/13.

This weekend there was a hive of activity around the vehicle, particularly on the Saturday when there seemed to be four team members underneath, three inside and two out! Despite the lack of pit, team members decided to tackle some of the small niggles left on the list. The fault of not being able to start No.1 engine in the cab has been rectified and simply traced to a faulty start button. A small air leak has also been rectified and time was spent making sure a problem with one of the engine swing links was dealt with.

Those working on the outside continued to prepare the remainder of the bodyside and the front cab for painting. This was nearly completed.

In the van, time was spent on Saturday returning the remaining two door pillars to their rightful positions. As mentioned previously, this is a time consuming task and it took all day to do two! Another member of the team performed the nasty task of insulating the walls of the van ready to receive panels whilst another member followed up behind him with said panels.

At approximately 15:30 on Sunday a milestone was reached! The final wall panel of the whole vehicle was installed in to place. One team member joked of painting the head of it gold but as it will be covered by trim that would be pretty pointless! By the end of Sunday there was a real sense of achievement as the van now has completed walls. These will need to be trimmed and painted and then there is the 'minor' task of putting the ceiling up.

Left: Reinstalled door pillar and insulation.

Primed panels
Above: A view of where the guard will sit. A better vacuum gauge has been installed.
Parcel shelf
Above: A view down the corridor side of the luggage cage showing new panels.

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