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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Final seats
Countdown is On!

Progress reported on 13/05/13.

The countdown to the Multiple Memories event has most definitely begun. It may only be the middle of May but there is a sudden realisation that the team might only have eight working weekends to finish!

Progress has been steady over the last couple of weeks. The final few seats and cushions were delivered from the upholsterer allowing the First Class compartment to be officially declared complete. This, of course, is a minor milestone in itself if we consider the state of the area when the team started. The refurbishment of these seats has been quite a challenge for the upholsterer, remembering that they were sent away in October. The end result is very pleasing!

Some work has been completed in the guards van, with the boarding that was installed at the back end the other week receiving primer. Another ceiling panel has been installed, which doesn't sound like much, but for some reason the team really struggled with this one. Unlike the passenger saloon, the ceiling in the guards van is split into 2/3 and 1/3 because of the luggage cage.

Left: The last seats to be installed. The cosy compartment!

Primed panels
Above: A view of the rear of the guards van.
Parcel shelf
Above: Work continued on the parcels shelf, with the application of varnish.

The main thrust has been on weekdays unusually with our resident painter starting work on the much-needed body side repaint. One side of the body has been prepared for painting, undercoated and first glossed in just over a week. It looks fantastic! A photograph will appear here when the vehicle is in a better position to be photographed. It is in close proximity to other vehicles in the shed making the angle too narrow for a proper photograph.

Yesterday was spent repairing and reinstalling the door pillars in the guards van. These wooden pillars are essential as they allow the doors to latch and lock properly as well as expand and contract. Installing them is not a quick task as they first need repairing if they are damaged, then they have to be trial fitted to allow the correct placement of the wood. The holes for the bolts need drilling, then a thread tapping in to the metal frame and finally countersinking. The pillar is then detached once more to allow for Sikaflex to be applied down the inside of the body before being refitted. The Sikaflex is to prevent future water ingress. It is easy to spend a good few hours on one single side of a door!

Left: A relic from the past was uncovered during body side sanding. "Passenger Luggage Stowage Area" was sign written on to the vehicle during the Gatwick Airport days.

Above: The advert that has been designed for us to promote the gala. We hope to see you all there!

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