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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

First Class Non-Smoking We Can Now See Outside!

Progress reported on 27/02/09.

With the weather suddenly warming up, progress could speed up. Whilst one gang were away preparing the ceiling panels for installation in another location, the rest of the gang decided to go ahead and clear out the First Class Non-Smoking ready for work. The same rust scraping and metal work preparation will need to be done in this area. The steel doesn't seem to be in bad condition but just has superficial rust in some spots that can be treated quite easily.

It is difficult to photograph, but this area was full of seats originally. These have now been moved and stored so that the area can become a workspace. The strange lines in the photograph are actually the wires for the lighting hanging down. These will need to be attended to as they are in the way.

It is surprising what a difference removing these has made to the overall light that enters the unit from outside, allowing better working conditions.

The drier conditions outside enabled the team to fit some new windows. The driver's window had a small crack in it so that was first of all replaced. New rubber seals were also installed. The centre cab window was also replaced as this had gone 'misty'.

Further down the vehicle, a smashed quarter-light window was also replaced. We believe that this window had smashed when the vehicle had been moved because the seats that were piled up inside had fallen over.

In other news, some more work has been done on another internal door to bring it up to standard in terms of appearance.
Window work

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