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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

First Class
A Board Weekend

Progress reported on 22/04/13.

A start was made this weekend on the panel boards that will create walls in the guards van. Due to the ongoing repairs to the cant rail above the doors only some of the panelling can be done at the moment - the very far end. This area is not as simple as it seems as the back of the vehicle has a taper either side, as well as the curved roof. By Sunday afternoon, the team had come as far as they could with the walls so a start was made on the first ceiling panel. This was a complicated panel as it has to fit the very same taper as well as around the brackets which attach the luggage cage to the roof. It took about an hour to fit it so the end of the day loomed. The panels will be primed and painted eventually but until then, they look rather different to the Formica'd versions in the passenger saloons.

Meanwhile, also in the guards van, further painting of the metal framework saw the completion of this task.

Left: Wall and ceiling panels at the far end of the guards van.

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