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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

First Class
First Class Job

Progress reported on 14/04/13.

A significant delivery of First Class seats from the upholsterer allowed a transformation in First Class this weekend. All but one double and two single seats were delivered allowing the rest to be installed in to their permanent positions. Apart from the obvious bulkhead seats (they don't have moquette on the back), the team had to work out the spacings for the seats as the original markings disappeared when the old lino was ripped up. Each seat had to have the arms and side parts put on as well as two legs of the correct hand. The position of each seat was decided and a pen mark made on the carpet through the screw holes in the legs. The seat was then removed to allow the holes to be drilled. Drilling through carpet would pull the thread so, after recommendation, a gasket punch was used to punch a perfect hole in the carpet to allow the hole to be drilled safely. Result!

Elsewhere, work continued on the final section of rotten cant rail. A new section was welded in.
Left: A view of First Class. It is luxurious!

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