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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Cab Comforts

Progress reported on 07/04/13.

Warmer weather spurred much progress this week as a continuation of the extended Easter break. Thursday saw the fitment of the remaining marmoleum left over from second class to the cab floor, instantaneously improving the look of this area. This enabled the fitment of the drivers seat, which is not an original from this vehicle (the original was lost before preservation) but is from an Electric Multiple Unit. It is very comfortable and has arm rests too! Fitting the seat is not quite as straight forward as it seems because a steel plate had to be manufactured to fit the seat to - the plate screws to the wooden floor and the seat bolts to studs welded to the plate.

Also in the cab, many things were painted including the tip down seat mechanism, the drivers tools holder, the AWS Relay box and the backs of the doors.

Left: General view of the cab now after fitting of the seat and a first coat of paint on the doors.

Above: New marmoleum in the cab
Seat plate
Above: The plate that was manufactured to fit the drivers seat to

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