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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Easter Attack

Progress reported on 03/04/13.

A long Easter weekend saw many outstanding jobs attacked, with focus on the cab whilst the troublesome cant rails and guards doors are repaired. With the team having to hold back on the major push to panel the guards van whilst these repairs are carried out, many small jobs were completed in the cab to get this area nearing completion.

Major metal work was being undertaken in the guards van. A very large section of cant rail was removed as it was totally rotten and new steel ordered as a replacement. Also bodyside adjustment was required for another one of the doors so that the door actually fit the frame! It is unclear why this area is so bad.

In the cab, the air/axle panel board was finally fixed to the wall with pleasing results. All of the aluminium trim was also returned to the vehicle to line the bottom of the dome. All of the brittle old lino was removed ready to receive new marmoleum and a start was made on removing the heritage glue. One member of the team spent lots of time constructing a strange shape box cover for some electrics behind where the driver will sit.

Left: Air/axle panel installed.

Cant rail
Above: The section of cant rail cut out for replacing.
Cab frames
Above: Other accessories were returned to the cab, including the luggage rack and night blinds.

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