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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

First in First First in First

Progress reported on 11/03/13.

This week some time has been spent on the rectification of the inevitable niggles mechanically. A non-operative DSD (Drivers Safety Device or "Deadmans" for short) was first on the list and the fault was traced to the physical valve in the cab desk being stuck. Not surprising after 20 years out of use. The electrical components were exchanged for better ones and the valve was thoroughly cleaned out, reassembled and tested. For those who don't know, the Deadmans device is designed to safely stop the train in the event of the driver falling ill. If the driver lets go of the throttle controller at any time during a journey, the brakes will be automatically applied after a short period of time, the throttle returned to idle and the gears to neutral. The short delay is designed to allow the driver chance to re-engage the device or get across the cab for things such as token collection from a signalman.

Time was then spent looking at various niggles with No.1 engine. There was an oil leak from the primary filter which was resolved and work began on tracing some other leaks in hard to reach places.

Possibly the main news of the week is that we began taking delivery of the reupholstered First Class seats. They will be delivered in batches due to their large size over the next few weeks, but they look fantastic! The seats really do give a feeling of luxury.

Left: The first seat in First Class.

It has to be said that it seemed as though the weekend was the coldest of the whole winter! The cold weather makes progress difficult because of self-motivation, but one area certainly progressed well in this weather. Investigations began into the heating system. The vehicle has one Smiths heater and the electrics for this had simply been cut through at some point either during or shortly after withdrawal.

On Saturday, the heater was physically hung on the vehicle. Sunday saw a start made on trying to fathom what state the electrics were in. Firstly, the plug was missing so that was installed and wired up to the back board. These wires were then traced through to the cut. Secondly, the wires that were languishing in the bottom of the cab desk were traced to the other side of the cut so a start was made on reconnecting them. Perhaps it was the cold weather which sparked interest in the heating system!

Despite the weather, a start on repairing the next section of cant rail in the guards van was made. This section, which is on No.1 side above the single guards door, is particularly bad with several large holes. All of this metal work has to be completed in the guards van before wall panelling can take place.

Right: The wiring for the heater is under the sole bar, pictured midway through investigations.
Heater wiring
Smiths heater
Above: The Smiths heater in position.
Rotten rail
Above: The rotten cant rail above the guards door.

The story will be continued shortly...

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