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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Exhaust Striking the Arc

Progress reported on 24/02/13.

This week saw excellent progress. Firstly, and to much relief, an electrical fault with the stop circuit on No.1 engine was resolved to a faulty relay in the fire test box. This was changed and the quirky fault where the fire bell rang when the stop button was pressed was no more. Other electrical work took place in the cab including the removal of some wiring which would have originally fed a cab-guard intercom and also the reinstatement of the windscreen demister (and the motor still works much to the surprise of everybody).

Work then continued in the cab. The desk frame was sanded and painted in gloss black before a start was made on the cutting and fitment of the desk top. This is a very difficult task and requires some precision measuring. Some of the original edge parts were temporarily installed in to place, including the piece with the door for the AWS change ends switch.

However the main progress was on the exhaust system. The exhaust for No.1 engine finally had all the correct brackets installed (one being manufactured) allowing the removal of the temporary bungie chords which had been holding it roughly in position for a good few years. It was then bolted together. Attention turned to a hole towards the back of the exhaust which was welded up. All of this exhaust work allowed the team to experience the 119 exhaust rasp for the first time! It is quite impressive...

Then attention turned to No.2 exhaust which too required some welding due to a push fit connection rusting through. This welding was also done in a very tricky spot but time ran out at the end of the day for bolting the exhaust back together. Will No.2 engine rasp too?

Left: No.1 exhaust fixed in to position, just awaiting the fitment of the final bracket.
Desk 1
Above: General view of progress on the cab desk
Desk 2
Above: The first of the cab desk top panels in position

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