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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Guards bulkhead Redecorating

Progress reported on 17/02/13.

The main thrust of work this week has been in the guards van with the aim of removing the dreary and dirty Rail Gray from the bulkhead, partitioning walls and cage. The cage bars themselves are being painted gloss black. The walls are being painted in a colour officially known as "Honeysuckle" although it is a dark cream. Other metalwork will also be black. It is hoped that the black areas will provide some contrast with what will eventually be light walls and ceiling. The emergency equipment cupboard has been painted red. All of this will need another coat but it has already made a huge difference. As usual, the actual painting didn't take too long, but the preparation took quite a while!

Elsewhere, lots of sanding has taken place on all manner of items from cab window frames to guards parcels shelf and even the clips for the Final Drive Isolation Fork. The headlamp unit at the front of the vehicle was replaced for a new one which actually contained the lamp.

Left: The bulkhead with the guards equipment before refurbishment.
Above: The cage showing gloss black bars and "Honeysuckle" doors.
Above: First coat of paint applied to area around the emergency cupboard. Metalwork is gloss black. The tip down seat cover is away for reupholstering.

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