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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

W51073 in the snow Will the Weather Ever Warm Up?

Progress reported on 08/02/09.

Not a very interesting photograph but a bit of sentiment to begin with. A photograph of the unit in the snow earlier this week.

The snow hasn't deterred the team this week with much progress being made on odd bits. The team are really dying for the weather to warm up so that some painting and preparation can be done to ceiling and side panels. In the meantime, an assortment of other jobs can be done but the weather is a real barrier at the moment.

Not a very glamorous job but an important one nevertheless - team member Graham Walker uses some wire wool and elbow grease to clean the years of grime off the window frames so that they both look good and slide easily. The same treatment is to be given to all of the windows on the unit.
A team member cleaning windows
Sticker removal Sticker gone

The team insisted that these photographs be shown together to prove that no harm was done - a joint decision was made to remove a damaged decal which descended into a sticky mess but paint stripper was used and, in the end, the Formica came up clean as you can see.
The ceiling
This photograph was taken more for our records than for anything else but it is interesting to see the state of the roofing above a passenger entry door. You can clearly see how the ceiling panels were ripped down during asbestos removal and how all of the screws were just left in. The yellow areas on the steel roof is left over fibreglass. This will be chipped off and new insulation installed. The poor 1980s orange colour that plagues most units that underwent the refurbishment programme will be removed completely.

Other achievements this week include the staining and varnishing of the large window surrounds and the Second Class entry sliding door as well as serious rust and screw removal in the small First Class Non-Smoking compartment. Progress has been good this week but seems to be a little repetitive. Once warmer weather comes along it will be nice to see some larger areas of progress made with panelling.

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