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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Completed second class Regardless of the Weather

Progress reported on 10/02/13.

Some time midweek allowed further scraping and rust treatment in the guards van. There is now about half remaining. On the subject of guards vans, work to repair the cantrail above the driver's side double-doors was declared complete today. This work was necessary as the rusted rail was not only leaking, but causing pressure to be put on to the wooden door pillars making the doors difficult to open.

On Saturday, a small milestone was reached as the arrival of the newly manufactured seat frame legs earlier in the week allowed all of the second class seats to be firmly installed into place. This compartment is virtually complete. I suppose they are the first seats in this vehicle for 20 years!

Sunday was bitterly cold with torrential sleet all day but the team battled on and decided to do a few bits in the cab for a change. Nearly all of the missing Formica around the windows was reinstated after the wood which holds the fancy wooden frames in was attached. A new side was manufactured to take the air/axle panel and buzzer. All of the drivers gauges were changed for nice ones. As you can see from the photograph, some of the Formica is recycled from another similar vehicle.

Left: The completed second class compartment, looking forward.
Completed second class
Above: The completed second class, looking backwards.
The cab
Above: A view of the cab progress.

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