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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Bulkhead Many Small Steps

Progress reported on 04/02/13.

This weekend was spent ticking jobs off the list and happily, many of them were.

The passenger entry doors were sanded and painted, one coat of Honeysuckle on Saturday and a second on Sunday. Meanwhile, all of the skirting board was installed in the vestibule and the trim returned around the doors. A door card was created.

All of the glass light shades were installed both in the vestibule and in the second class. Also some tidying of ex-thermostat wires in the second class took place.

In the guards van, a second coat was done on the bulkhead wall on Saturday. The sliding door was varnished and the stained window frames returned to it. The pelmet which covers the running gear was also painted. On Sunday, the door runner was cleaned and then returned to the floor (it had to be removed to lay the lino). The door was then rehung and the other side given the first coat of paint. The window frame will be removed for staining shortly.
One member completed the project of refurbishing the destination box and it looks fantastic! Some sanding took place on the guards parcel shelf.

As an aside, the team were interviewed for an article to appear shortly in Railway Herald!

Left: The bulkhead between the guards van and second class. The wall has had two coats of paint. The stained frame has been returned to position and the door rehung, with pelmet. The window frames on the door will be removed for staining shortly.
Above: The painted passenger entry doors. The door card for this door was also manufactured this weekend.
Light shades
Above: A view backwards in second class, showing the returned door and light shade.
Above: The completed destination box, varnished and assembled.
Light shades
Above: There are no customised Ecclesbourne Valley Railway blinds so the BR Network SouthEast blind was installed instead.

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