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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Cant rail Back in Action

Progress reported on 28/01/13.

Progress last week was slow to say the least as many inches of snow made getting to the railway very difficult. However, this weekend was almost back to normal as a thaw was taking place which allowed the team to continue with progress.

During the cold spell, one day was spent scraping loose rust from the inside of the guards van frame and then painting the frame to seal the metal from the air. This was in the same way that the rest of the vehicle has been done.

Repairs to the rotten cant rail above the guards double doors began this weekend with the rotten area being removed and a new small area of roof welded in where the hole was. Said hole was causing rain water to leak from the gutter down the inside of the frame. The rust was also forcing the wooden door frame downwards over time, which eventually would have made the guards doors very difficult to close properly.

Another team continued with the vestibule. The floor was prepared and then the marmoleum was cut and glued in. Sounds simple but it is not an easy task because it is such a confined space and there are several obstacles in the way. The flooring was then given a coat of sealant before the team worked to reassemble bits that were removed to allow the flooring to be laid. This includes the kick plates for the passenger entry doors, the sliding door runners which had been cleaned and their associated doors on the bulkhead.

Elsewhere, a lone member of the team in need of a project began refurbishing the destination box which will eventually be fitted and a large batch of brand new seat legs for the first class area had been delivered after being manufactured new.

Left: A view of the affected area after the rotten cant rail section has been cut out.
Above: Guards van framework after rust treatment
Above: A section of the vestibule floor. At this point, a start has been made on returning the 'furniture'

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