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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Further Adjustments

Progress reported on 13/01/13.

In stark contrast to the previous week, we were now in freezing conditions! This weekend was spent ticking jobs off from the large list of things to do. Saturday was spent doing mostly mechanical things tweaking bits and finding any leaks etc. Further work continued on the troublesome guards door which, by the end of Sunday, resulted in the door passing the 'clunk' test. The 'clunk' test is not an official test but more to do with the satisfying sound the door makes when it latches properly to the frame.

In the van itself, some sanding was done on the bulkhead wall and work began on restoring the partition sliding door which separates the saloon with the guards van. A new recruit began the awkward task of sanding the parcels cage ready for painting.

Some inroads were made into a strange electrical fault where the fire bell rings when No.1 stop button is pressed. A satisfactory conclusion wasn't quite reached but repairs to components in the fire test box were made to ensure correct operation here. An inoperative Engine Isolation Switch was traced to the fact that the switch wasn't seated right meaning that turning the T-Key wasn't operating the switch.

Work continued in the vestibule area to complete trimming that wasn't done over 12 months ago when this area received the new Formica. This is now nearing completion and the floor will be able to receive the new marmoleum shortly.

As darkness fell on Sunday the vehicle was put under cover in the shed in preparation for some work on the window rubbers.

Left: After some of the tweaks to underframe components were done, the vehicle was given a short run from the yard to the platform and back.

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