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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The seats Ready for a Sit Down

Progress reported on 30/12/12.

The Christmas period allowed the team to concentrate on finishing off the laying of the marmoleum flooring in the second class compartment. This involved finishing the hatch area before cleaning and sealing it with a special linoleum sealant liquid.

Afterwards, much time was spend gathering together the components for the seating in this area. Happily all seats are present and in surprisingly virtually as-new condition despite having 1994 written on them! The Vax machine was used on the arm rests and side components to give them a thorough clean. Remember the second class area on this CrossCountry type of vehicle is somewhat upgraded from standard class in other vehicles due to the length of time people were on the train. The seats have arm rests, similar to first. Time was spent painting frames, constructing the seats and placing them in the correct positions. Quite a time consuming task.

This is probably going to be the final diary update of 2012 and what a year it has been! This year has seen a virtually shelved restoration become one of the top priorities again. It has seen a complete transformation of the vehicle with the entire of the passenger accommodation receiving wall panelling, luggage racks and ceilings. The first class area has a nice new carpet with luxurious matching curtains, and the second class has new marmoleum flooring and is being prepared for seats. Underneath much progress has been made on both engines and this year has seen the first start-ups of both engines for the first time since the vehicle was withdrawn from traffic. It is hoped that the vehicle is not far away from being able to move under its own power for the first time in preservation. Let us hope that progress continues as well as it has done this year, because if it does, 2013 promises to be a very exciting year indeed!

Left: A glimpse of what second class accommodation will be like.

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