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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The walls Marmoleum

Progress reported on 23/12/12.

A lot of work has been undertaken this last week to continue removing all of the old glue from the floor in preparation for the new marmoleum flooring. This is quite a nasty time-consuming task which takes its toll on the knees.

However, the result is pleasing. A new marmoleum floor was laid on Sunday and, after a few bits are completed, the seats can be installed. It is very quick to write but it took a day to cut the flooring around all of the obstacles that are on the floor, such as the coolant header tanks and heater vents.

Underneath a team finished fitting No.1 alternator after the required modifications had been made and changed a faulty radiator drain tap.

Left: Preparing the back wall. Putting back door trim and the original BR mirrors.
Above: Spreading the glue
Above: The finished result. Bad light for the photograph means that photograph doesn't really do it justice!

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