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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The floor Contrasting Areas

Progress reported on 16/12/12.

This weekend saw a push towards getting the floor in the second class compartment ready to receive the new lino. This involved removing the old lino before making a start at the very difficult task of removing the old glue which BR used. This is still very sticky after all of these years and takes some serious effort to remove! After one day just one and a bit panels were done.

In contrast, further along the vehicle the new first class curtains were being hung up in an area which is nearing completion. Luxurious they look too!

Underneath a team wrestled with No.1 alternator with only mild success. The fitment requires modification of a few brackets as the original ones have been missing some years.

Left: The contrast in the floor.
Floor hatch
Above: A new floor hatch was made to replace a damaged one.
The curtains
Above: The new first class curtains.

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