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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The curtains A Good Trim Up

Progress reported on 10/12/12.

We are heading in to the Christmas period now and progress on the vehicle is continuing at a steady but relatively quick pace. Saturday was spent sanding, staining and varnishing all necessary bits of wood needed to complete the second class compartment including the large window surrounds which are only in average condition but have been saved, the small bulkhead window frames which are in better condition, and a load of trim strips including the corners.

Underneath, the team fitted a brand new vacuum exhauster for No.1 engine and the associated belts ready for when it receives the freewheel assembly. Remembering the stripped state that the vehicle was in when it left the scrapyard, No.2 exhauster was present but No.1 exhauster was totally missing. Obviously only time will tell whether both work as expected!

On Sunday the day was spent installing the previous day's wood into the correct positions. Not quite as simple as it sounds because invariably it involves drilling the metal frame and using copious amounts of silicone sealant to prevent condensation from running down the backs of the window frames.

Left: Inside after the installation of the frames etc. Unfortunately the light was rapidly being extinguished.

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