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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The lighting Snow Outside Doesn't Stop the Team

Progress reported on 01/02/09.

We seemed to have picked the worse winter for DMU restoration, with it being the coldest recorded for quite some time. Nevertheless, the team quietly continued with the restoration even in the freezing conditions. The previously installed insulation plus a fan heater made conditions cosy at times.

To combat the lack of daylight outside the team decided to try and fathom the lighting circuits. This proved quite difficult as there were two circuits - one for full lights and one for half lights, plus an additional wire which provided the earth for the later strip lights.

The wiring for the tungsten lights that are being installed needed to be simpler and eventually this was achieved. Bulb holders and bulbs were temporarily fixed to the cross beam so that the lights could be used from the unit's batteries in darker conditions. The holders will be positioned correctly once the lamp shade holders are in place.

Once the weather warms up a bit the ceiling panels can be prepared and installed.

With the weather being so cold the options for what to do next were very limited. The team decided to tackle the softwood window frames that sit neatly around the external windows. These will be stripped, stained and varnished in a similar way to the previous internal surrounds. The team discovered six layers of varnish covered in brown paint on one of them and on another, some 1980s graffiti that promoted Sheffield United Football Club!

The team are now just longing for warmer weather so that the ceiling and side panels can be prepared and some painting and varnishing can be done.

The external window frames

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