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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The ceiling Cool(ant) on the Outside, Warm on the Inside

Progress reported on 11/11/12.

Saturday was a busy day inside the second class compartment where much preparatory work was undertaken with a view towards getting the compartment ready for panelling. A small amount of anti-corrosive painting was still to be finished, so this was done first. Whilst this was being done, another member of the team set about the time-consuming task of returning all of the wood which attaches to the metal frame around the window. This isn't the decorative frames that the public see, but forms a sort of subframe for the Formica panels to screw to. After this was completed the condensation drains were inserted and the compartment was fully lined with fibreglass insulation.

On Sunday a small team split in half to allow work to progress both inside and out. Underneath, one team set about rebuilding the coolant system for No.1 engine as thus far, this engine hasn't received any attention at all. This involves all sorts of oddly shaped pipes and nitrile hoses, kind of like a 3D puzzle! The final part, as dark fell, was to fit the coolant filler cap to the header tank which required a modification as the header tank is from another class of vehicle (probably 108). There isn't much chance of getting a 119 header tank now! Unfortunately there was no time remaining to fill the system to check for leaks but after a hard day, they declared the system complete.

Meanwhile upstairs, the other team started the process of panelling the second class after the great progress of the day previously. As per the other compartments this involves cutting plywood board and gluing Formica sheets to it. It is quite an exciting task because it is the process which turns a metal tube back into something that resembles a coach!

Left: The side panels!

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