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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The ceiling No Time for Rest

Progress reported on 05/11/12.

This weekend there was no time for a sit down as the target was to have the ceiling prepared and ready for painting by the end of Saturday and then glossed on Sunday. One member of the team set about cutting the Formica for the bump area as per the other compartments whilst others set about installing accessories such as the rings that the light shades sit on and the trim that covers the joins. The last hour was spent applying primer to the bare wooden trim and rings.

All of the preparatory work on Saturday allowed the glossing to be done on Sunday. The advantage of the pre-surfaced board for the ceiling is that it only requires one coat of paint! In the meantime, a couple of members of the team began to make some inroads into the hopeful restoration of the original Formica on the rear bulkhead. BR had stuck their standard-issue cream over the top which had since been removed for an unknown reason some years previously leaving the glue behind. It is hoped that by carefully removing the glue that this original Formica can be made to look presentable enough to remain.

Left: The ceiling after the weekend.

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