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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The ceiling More Solid Progress

Progress reported on 22/10/12.

Another weekend of fantastic progress towards the restoration of the vehicle. Saturday was spent working on underframe components with particular attention being paid to the bent oil filler on No.2 engine. This was swapped for one which fitted properly. After this attention turned to returning the exhaust to the vehicle which had been removed around three years ago for refurbishment! Trying to think back into the depths of memory as to how it went back together made putting it back a bit like doing a jigsaw. As the light was fading, a start of the engine was made for just a few minutes for the first time since the freewheel assembly had been connected. It was very exciting because it was discovered that the alternator was working properly and the exhaust was coming out at the back as it should!

Sunday was equally as busy with great progress being made internally on the second class compartment. Insulation was installed into the ceiling area and then the panels were cut and installed. It sounds very easy but working above head height is very difficult and there are plenty of screws!

Left: The ceiling in second class after installation.

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