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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The green compartment A Trip to the Station

Progress reported on 08/10/12.

After the installation of the carpet a few weeks ago, the arm rests and side parts to the first class that had been gathered from sorting out the seats in store were sent away to the upholsterer to be renewed. In the meantime, the opportunity was taken to take the vehicle to the platform for a weekend and lay out all of the first class seats in a row and use a Vax machine to clean the moquette. Reupholstering all of these seats would be very expensive, so at this stage the team are working hard to use the seats as they come. There are a few tears and some small amounts of fading but considering that it is nearly 20 years since somebody last sat on one of these seats the results of the deep clean are rather pleasing.

As the clean of each one was complete they were placed in their correct positions inside the first class area of the saloon. The theory behind this is that it makes it much easier to see which components each one needs to be completed. Each first class seat needs legs, arm rests, sides and cushions. A secondary advantage of doing this is that the area in the guards van where they have been in store all of this time is now empty.

Left: One of the first class seats mid-clean. The difference is very satisfactory even after just an ordinary vacuum!
Above: A view of the front first class compartment with all of the seats cleaned and in the correct positions. It provides a first glimpse of what it will become. Dust sheets have been laid down to protect the carpet whilst the seats are worked on.
The floor section
Above: First Class Non-Smoking compartment with a seat in position. Once the seats are built, only the curtains are outstanding before the compartment is complete!

Advantage was also taken of the platform to have a thorough sort out and tidy up in the guards area, which was spurred on by the space where the first class seats had been stored becoming available. The guards area has not been so clear since the restoration started and the huge size of the area is becoming apparent. The tidy allowed the space created to become a work area for the team which will be used during the rebuild of the second class compartment. Many-a Formica sheet will be cut there!

Right: The guards area mid-sort. The length of the van is becoming apparent.
The green compartment

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