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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

A Reminder of the Past

Progress reported on 06/08/12.

The majority of the weekend was spent preparing the First Class section for the arrival of the new carpet. Whilst many odd jobs were undertaken, the main area of work was around the curtain rails and their associated pelmets. These pelmets are an unusual feature which adorned the Class 119 and they bring a reminder of the vehicle's former use on the Reading - Gatwick Airport runs. The pelmets have "Rail/Air Passenger Luggage Accommodation ->" on them to tell passengers where to store their suitcases on the way (the large guards van of course)!

Meanwhile, downstairs, part of the team wrestled with the alternator for no.2 engine with success at the end. The alternator was hung in the correct position and is now ready to receive belts once the freewheel is installed.

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