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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Window frame returns Sub-Zero and Progress Rockets

Progress reported on 10/01/09.

Even with the temperature outside below freezing, the whole team turns out to make excellent progress.

This photograph shows the window frames that have been stained and varnished in previous weeks returned to their home. They were reattached using specially sticky stuff to stop the window from rattling around and then screwed in with some nice-looking screws.

The door frame on the left will eventually be stained as well, but this has so far been left because objects will be moving between compartments and the woodwork might get damaged.

This image sums up some of the progress so far quite well. As you can see, the same process as above has been used on the wood and both window frames have been returned to their positions. The left hand door surround has also had the treatment and matches nicely with the wooden surrounds. Above the door, the Pelmet cover for the door's sliding gear also matches, as mentioned in previous updates.

An interesting development is that the insulation has been added to the sides. Whilst this needed to be done eventually, a very quick decision was made to install it immediately due to the weather. The team felt that they needed to keep in what little heat they could.
Insulation added too
Wood close up

This close up shows the wooden surrounds better (although it is a little dark). The door that has been prepared needs to be hung and this area will look very good indeed.

It doesn't seem like much to write about, but staining and varnishing each individual part of the window frames and then carefully returning each piece to its exact previous location takes times and patients.

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