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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

The green compartment We've Been Framed!

Progress reported on 30/07/12.

Some seriously hard graft took place this weekend. Saturday was spent staining and varnishing the new window frames that had been delivered, followed by fitting them to the windows. The weather was warm so the varnish dried very quickly! The fitting involved lots of Sikaflex sealant to keep any moisture at bay and this stuff invariably likes to go everywhere!

Sunday saw the team attack the old lino on the floor which was not only dirty but also cracked and broken in places. The new first class carpet couldn't have been laid on top of this as it would make it very bumpy and also create a risk of it coming up in the future. The wooden floor was then painted to protect it as there is still a few weeks to go of people walking on it before the new carpet goes in. Coincidentally the paint used to protect it is not too far off the colour that the new carpet is going to be!

Right: The window frames drying after stain and varnish.
Above: A frame fitted to the window.
The floor section
Above: A view of the compartment after the lino has been removed and the floor has been painted. Note the window frames too.

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