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Restoration of Class 119 Driving Motor Brake Composite W51073

Trimming and Painting

Progress reported on 11/06/12.

This weekend was spent continuing in the First Class Non-Smoking compartment, which is the smallest of the compartments. The side panels were completed on Saturday morning so that after lunch Formica could be glued to the 'bump area' (the area just above the luggage racks). Whilst one member of the team then proceeded to firstly stain then varnish the trim ready for the following day, the others set about cutting and screwing up the cross-ceiling trim. A 'fat' strip for the middle and a thin strip for either edge. The 'doughnut rings' were also put up, one in the compartment and one in the vestibule. The team refer to the round wooden bases that take the glass light shades as 'doughnut rings' - food is never far away!

All of this preparation allowed a nice finish on Sunday. The bare wood areas were primed early in the morning allowing some of the other trim, such as the skirting, to be put on in the meantime. An advantage of using pre-faced hardboard for the ceiling is that the full area does not need primer or undercoat! Later in the afternoon the ceiling was glossed, with a pleasing result.

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